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J D Emmanuel

Close Up: Daniel Emmanuel,
New Age Music Therapist

by Sharon Mitchell, Austin, Texas

Music has been credited with soothing and healing properties throughout time and literature.  A litany of metaphors and explanations testify to efforts on behalf of understanding the phenomenon.

The experiments of Pythagoras demonstrated a possible scientific explanation for the effect of music upon the human body.  In the 5th Century B.C., the Greek scientist hit upon the mathematical, vibrational quality of musical notes.  He speculated, too, that the ratio and symmetry he found in music could also be found in other manifestation around him.

From his sound production studio in Shenandoah, Texas, Musician and Researcher Daniel Emmanuel suggests that the link between humans and music is indeed at a vibrational level.  He further agrees with Pythagoras' regarding other "manifestations".

"Everything has a vibrational quality, " he says.  "And because everything does have a vibration, a person can become sensitive to those vibrations . . . and alter them.  It is assumed in many metaphysical studies about the building of the Pyramids, that they used the relation between man and matter through vibration to move the massive stones needed for the construction of these structures."

Among the alterable vibrations, Emmanuel includes physical and emotional conditions.  "What I think is important is that you know that you can change anything that you want to change."  He states, "We do create miracles.   As long as we have an ounce of knowledge that something can be changed, then we can change it.

Change is at the root of Emmauel's counseling approach.  "We are essentially a hologram, " he says.  "Our physical, emotional, mental and intuitive/spiritual systems create interference patterns that mold the active hologram called the human body.  However, the perfect working order of those interference patterns break down when we overload them on any of the different levels of consciousness.   We can overload these systems with stress, anxiety, worry, eating excess of foods, drinking alcohol, use of drugs . . . thus creating new interference patterns that are not in harmony with the natural patterns.  These new non-harmonious patterns create disease, depression, allergies . . . any number of disorders that can appear on any of the levels of being.  My work is to affect the mental, emotional, and physical excesses that created those non-harmonious patterns and change them.

Point out that attitude has a great deal to do with affecting the non-serving interference patterns, Emmanuel explains the connection between music and attitude adjustment in counseling/therapy session:

"It works in relation to the person's own attitudes," he says.   "It helps the person relax.  It is a tool to help insure the opening of insights to the self."

This is accomplished by the use of music that is cyclic.  Such music assists the mind in slowing down.  "It is a sort of biofeedback in musical form . . . it helps people go within," Emmanuel says.

It is also necessary for him to teach some clients to "listen" to the msuic because, as he point oiut, "not everyone knows how to listen to music to get the maximum benefit from it."

Through his classes in "Creative Stress Management", Daniel is able to work with people are generally aware that they want to make changes in their lives.    "I guess that my biggest joy is preventive care, " He says.   "I sort of feel like a mental nutritionist, being able to do preventive work on a mental level."

Describing himself as a "minimalist musician", Daniel's instrumentation consists of a mix of electronic and guitar instruments, and  using electronic processors  he produces cyclic, repetitive music.

The tapes he produces are general in content.  They are created to enhance or produce a particular mood or feeling in a client.  This will increase their ability to recall memories or experieinces that helped produce the non-harmonious thought patterns that are causing them the upsets.  Once these non-supportive thought patterns are realized, then Daniel works with the client to change them.  This is usually done with visualization while the client is still in deep relaxation or meditation with the music in the background.  In severe cases, he will create a special programming tape to reinforce the changes that have been made.  The reasoning is that the person can easily regress back into the old thought patterns or fears without some reminder.  It is not unusual for the changes to take several months or more to complete.

Daniel adds, that in music therapy as in any other type of healing, the client is the one ultimately responsible for the effectiveness of the sessions.

Daniel's work with music is featured in the new book by Kate and Richard Mucci, The Healing Sound of Music!

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