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In Date Order of Publication

Sound Paintings, 1980
My first cassette album with original version of Rain Forest Music and a mix of electronics on side 2. The title was created to reflect the ability of the mind to use music as a channel for imagery.

Original Media: Cassette.

Current Media: Digital.

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Sound Paintings on

J D Emmanuel
Echoes From Ancient Caves, 1981
This album continues my mix of early electronics and jazz.

Original Media: Cassette.

Current Media: Cassette Limited Edition and Digital.

Cassette was reissued in limited edition in 2012

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Echoes From Ancient Caves on

J D EmmanuelVisions of Life, 1981
This cassette album featured the second version of Rain Forest Music. This cassette became Rain Forest Music LP.

Original Media: Cassette, LP and CD.

Current Media: Digital. musical interests might work well together to create electronic trance music. It worked. We created an album in the studio and did a concert in Austin, September, 1981.-->

Media: Never formally published.

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J D Emmanuel -  Wizards
Wizards, 1982
This album is the most acclaimed of my work.

Media: LP Limited Edition, Cassette and Digital.
Original 1982 LP only available from collectors. 2007, the 25th Anniversary Reissue was published by Lieven Martens, Dolphins Into the Future, only available from collectors. 2010 Reissue was published by Important Records, still avail