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Wizards was my first deep trance electronic music album. This album was inspired by Terry Riley , one of the earliest people ever to compose and perform long, extended, cyclic pieces in the electronic format. This music was composed and performed in '81 and '82.

I consider this album my best work.

The instrumentation is three Sequencial Circuits PRO-1s, Crumar Traveler One and a Yamaha SK-20, all real time recording to a Teac 4-track reel-to-reel. I mixed the four tracks to a Teac A-7300 Master 2-Track tape recorder using a DeltaLab DL-2 to create the delay track. In 2006, I used a Tascam 34B 4-track to remaster all my master tapes to digital master of 196 KHz/24 bit .WAV files using Soundforge 8 software.

The original Wizards LP was published in the Summer of 1982 with the black and white cover. The initial tracks had not names and were call Movements I-V. Several years later sales had slowed down, in an effort to improve sales we tried the color cover and I created names for each track, as shown on the samples.

Here is a picture of me in my studio taken in 1982 during the creation of Wizards.

Important Records released the Wizards LP, August 2010.
Limited Edition Pressing of 500 LPs

Important Records has released the new pressing of the Wizards LP for retail and wholesale distribution. This straight analog pressing sounds as close to the original master tapes as you can get. The test pressing of this all analog production I personally received sounded beautiful. Thanks, John, for producing this LP.

I have to also thank Paul Gold at Salt Mastering for the excellent job of cutting the master from my analog tapes and RTI for creating the final LPs.

J D Emmanuel - Wizards LPThe original Wizards LP cover was B/W made from the original color slide that I composed and photographed myself. The reissue of Wizards features a color cover using the original color slide. This is the 3rd and probably last release of Wizards on vinyl.

August, 2007, the 25th Anniversary Reissue of Wizards Vinyl Album
Limited Edition, 300 Pressings
Sold out in Europe in less than 2 Weeks!

This special reissue is presented by Lieven Martens, Dolphins Into the Future, under his label, Bread and Animals, Private Press Weirdness, Antwerp, Belgium.

Media: LPand digital files.
Original 1982 LP only available from collectors. 2007, the 25th Anniversary Reissue was published by Lieven Martens, Dolphins Into the Future, only available from collectors. 2010 Reissue was published by Important Records, still available. Currently not available in CD.

You may review and download Wizards on Bandcamp.com, LPs and cassettes are still available.

The Original Album Sleeve, front and back.

The Original Album Sleeve, front and back.

The Second Album Sleeve, after 1985, front and back.

CD Artwork

Wizards Album Tracks

Attaining Peace (5:01)

Prayer (4:27)

Focusing Within (9:25)

Expanding Into the Universe (8:49)

At-One-Ment (8:51)

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