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J D Emmanuel Time Traveler Music

The Music of Time Traveler

Welcome, I am J D Emmanuel, aka James Daniel Emmanuel, I usually go by Daniel. For my music work, I choose to use "J D" to separate my work with music from my other types of work.

My music is designed for deep meditative, or altered states, to enhance the ability of the mind and the spirit to go beyond what is considered the "normal" boundaries of the five senses to the "Source of One's Being" for work with creativity, increase spiritual awareness, mind expansion or to just have a nice time being there to refresh the Soul. My style is to first create a foundation using cyclic, poly rhythmic music, as well as drones, then build several layers of improvised leads and rhythms that allows a person to transcend time and space.

After my European tour in May, 2011, I decided to use the name, Time Traveler, to describe my music because it can put the listener into a state where time and space seems to disappear.

I compose and perform electronic synthesizer music, which sometimes includes electronically enhanced acoustic and electric guitar. The term I like to use for my music is Electronic Minimal. The style is based on my deep jazz background influenced by my study of minimal music by such composers as Terry Riley, Philip Glass and Steve Reich, to name a few.

I have an extensive background in spiritual and metaphysical studies. This is another influence in how I compose and perform my music as I also look at my music as an Electronic Meditation. In meditation, a mantrum is used to focus the mind and keep it from drifting during the meditation. My music is very similar to a meditation in that the mantrum is a type of drone mixed with the cyclic, poly rhythmic music foundation that I use to set the theme of the composition. The leads and rhythms are my contemplations in response to the mantrum foundation.

Another element I like to use in some of my music is environmental sounds, rain, wind, birds, ocean, etc. I record these live and create different types of mixes with them. I use these mixes as a background on some of my music which can enhance the listening experiences causing wonderful visuals and relaxation. I used these elements on Rain Forest Music, East Texas Rain Forest Music, Visions of Life and Ocean Music. I enjoy integrating these elements into my live performances as well.

My music is wonderful as background when working, reading or studying to help focus for better retention without getting too tired, as well as used for relaxation or during a massage to release tension better for deeper body work.

The Deep Relaxation and Rain Forest Mediation programs are designed for the beginner, who is just getting into relaxation/mediation, and the advanced meditator, who wants to experience different types of meditation experiences.

To learn more about my research and experiments with music and the mind, visit my webpage Expanding Consciousness and Experiencing Altered States through Music.

This is information about my music studio.

You can also learn more about my background and work outside of music by visiting the Links section of this website.

However, if you just enjoy listening to electronic and jazz music, you may find something here for your listening tastes!

The albums and music that I have created since 1979 can be reviewed on my Music Webpage.

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